MazeModels booking assistant service, we work for our models, they don't work for us!

MazeModels has been in business for 8 years! We work with several models to help them, promote them, and maximize their exposure. We are based in Miami, but work with models throughout the U.S. Many of our models are exclusive to MazeModels, but just as many are not. We can help whether you want MazeModels to handle all of your booking or just looking for us to send you additional clients. All clients are screened for your safety and all cash is settled with you at the beginning of each appointment.

We understand there are a lot of un-reputable offers and claims that models are approached with daily, therefore, we guarantee all payments to be made upfront upon the models arrival. We are also more than happy to provide you with a number of references from models whom are currently working with us on a daily basis!

Contact us!
Email: Maze@MazeModels.com - Phone: 754-444-6293

Would you like to join our elite team? We're always looking for new upscale companions for our clients. If you have an open and adventurous personality, please apply.